Product Review – Intelliskin

Michael, sit up straight! If you slouch like that your back will stay that way your whole life!”

Yep, I’ve been a lifelong sloucher. Mom may have been right. I am the poster boy for disc problems. So, when I had a shot at testing the anti-slouch base layer from Intelliskin, I was, at once, intrigued and skeptical.

If you are familiar with Kinesio-Taping, then you understand how the product works. By scientifically arranging the various stretch fabrics, this shirt will actually help you stand up straight all the time. Mom would be happy.


Test One: My slouchiest position is sitting, particularly in the car. Road trip testing is always a pleasure so I put on the shirt and went for a two hour drive.

I noticed the effects immediately. My shoulders were back where they belong, and I was sitting up taller than I usually do.

What is amazing is that you don’t feel like anything is being pulled into place by the fabric. The sensation is more as if suddenly all those muscles were young, well-toned and doing their jobs. Usually, a long stint at the wheel leaves my lower back and shoulders sore. Not this time!    Road Test: PASS


Test Two: Splitting backache. I heat with wood and that stuff doesn’t split and stack itself. I enjoy the work, but it can give me a splitting backache.

Not this time! One of the things the garment does is help your back maintain the proper “S” curve. That supports your core and a strong, aligned core makes all your exertions more efficient.

When I was done splitting a cord of wood, there was some lower back stiffness but not the usual where-is-my-couch soreness. Splitting Backache: PASS

Ski Test:This is a skiing blog so I bet you were wondering…One ski pal asked me if I had been doing a lot of bench pressing in the off season or was I just strutting around with my (previously southward drifting) chest out to impress people. I can’t find any harm in a garment that makes me look like the stud muffin I am in my mind.

On the snow, Intelliskin’s ability to help me hold a more stacked postured paid off in spades with both performance and staving off the nagging aches that have begun to creep in by mid-afternoon. On-snow performance: PASS

As a base layer it provides no insulating effects on its own but with another base layer over it, it becomes nice and toasty. PASS

Intelliskin is not just for winter. They have a wide range of products for all sports and all seasons

Comfort Test: Like many men, I have hair on my chest that tends to find its way thru the material and taking it off can be like pulling a Band-Aid. I also found it a bit itchy. Both problems were solved by putting another thin compression shirt on under it.

The benefits of the Intelliskin layer far outweigh the negatives.

Intelliskin is a must-have base layer. It will keep you on the hill longer and send you home with fewer aches and pains. It will not fetch you a beer or, scrape your windshield, but buy ya some anyway. Check them out at

Mike Tested, Mother Approved.

thumbs up

No bits of stretchy fabric can replace your Mom, I am sure she will appreciate Intelliskin keeping an eye out for you. Someone has to…