Face Shots

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Lif’ Ticket drops an edit that is gonna make you smile…or maybe even blow beer out of your nose



Ski Shows have been with us a long time. Here’s a fun look at the way we were 🙂


Harb Systems

Love him or hate him, the PMTS system and “direct-to-parallel” is effective. I spent several days this past season using free PMTS videos I found on Youtube to see if it is possible to learn his system on your own. As your personal Crash Test Dummy, I gave it the old college try and next week I’ll put up a story about how that worked out, the stuff that went well and the things that did not. I am still able to walk so it can’t be a bad thing, right? 🙂

CARV Update

Carv is a complete system of boot/foot telemetry and a phone app with embedded lessons and drills courtesy of PSIA-AASI. Slated for delivery to the general public in late Autumn this year, it should be interesting. It promises to make high quality DIY ski instruction a real possibility. If you are a gearhead like me and love to tinker with tech, this may be your ultimate gizmo-tron. Stay tuned as I catch up with their CEO Jamie Grant …carv tools



Ski Z Rider

I’ll hop on this inexpensive ski trainer whiz bang machine and let you know how good of a job it does in preparing your bod for next season.


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